Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Arrow Of Light Pinewood Derby Car

As the Arrow of Light Den Leader I thought I'd make this year's car the Arrow.

I started by printing the symbol on paper the same size as the pinewood derby block.

Official Pinewood Derby Car Kit

Then I cut the block in 1/2 on a table saw, so I have two slabs.

The piece with the axle slots will become the base, and I attached the paper template to the other half.

Making the rough cuts on the band saw, and then the intricate cuts with the scroll saw I ended up with the arrow.

Next was a good deal of sanding, and creating the bevel on the base with a router.

Then drilling three holes for screws to attach the pieces together.

Then adding the weights before spraying some primer on both pieces.

Then it was time to paint, yellow for the arrow and a blue for the base.  A few coats on each, a little shimmer on the sunburst of the arrow, and then some clear coat.

Next will be adding the wheels, and then in a few more days, race day!

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