Friday, January 20, 2017

Pinewood Derby "Race Official" Neckerchief Slide

I was online trying to find "Race Official" vests for our Pack Leaders and Den Chiefs that are involved in running our Pinewood Derby.

I stumbled upon this little truck in my search results and immediately knew that it needed to become my race day neckerchief slide.

I used a large step bit and drilled an angled hole through the truck bed so that it would sit at the desired angle.  Then I flipped it over and drilled it from the bottom as well to make for a consistent diameter hole.

The size of the hole actually cause the rear wheels to separate from the rest of the car as I had removed most of the material holding it together.  I hot glue the back wheels back on using black hot melt glue and then filled in the other voids as well.  Then I coated the entire opening with glue to smooth it out and prevent the neckerchief from getting snagged on any rough edges.

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