Monday, March 26, 2018

Toolbox Project

For our "Baloo the Builder" required adventure we started off with a discussion and demonstration about tools and safety.  After completing a worksheet the boys identified, or tried to identify different tools as I pulled them out of a bag.  Once we had completed that and gone over some safety rules each boy got the opportunity to mark a line on a piece of wood using a pencil and a square, then after placing it in the vice they got to cut off the piece that they had marked with a hand saw.

For the second meeting we identified what an object was by looking at a set of plans.  We then worked together to come up with a material list to build this object.  The item was a toolbox, and will be the useful project that we will build at the next meeting.

That weekend our den gathered at Home Depot for the Valentine's Day craft.  All of the boys who came built a bean bag toss as the fun project for this adventure.  They painted them as well.

Finally the day has arrived to build the toolboxes, and each one has a special surprise that the boys didn't know about.  Their name had been routed into their kit.  With a little help from their parents to hold everything in place, they used glue, a brush, a hammer, some nails, and a square to assemble all of the pieces.  They'll be bringing them back next week to apply a finish to the project.

The last step in this adventure was to apply a finish to one of the projects, so the boys chose between natural or medium walnut Danish Oil and applied it with a rag to their entire project.  Aside from a little mess they all came out great, and luckily we had covered the tables and their hands with a drop cloth and nitrile gloves.

Pictures, plans, and step by step instructions coming soon.

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