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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Holiday Neckerchief Slide

For our holiday pack night we made holiday themed neckerchief slides.

I've been asking friends and parents to save their tape cores since last year with this project in mind.  Unfortunately we didn't have enough so I go a piece of 1" schedule 80 conduit from the local electrical supply house and cut it into slices that same size and diameter as the tape cores.

I had already stumbled upon the perfect paracord on Amazon.

We wrapped the paracord around the tape core (pipe slice) in neat tight rows and then tied the two ends together with a square knot on the inside.  This part was a bit challenging.  We then clipped off the excess and fused the ends together.  These contrasted well with the gold wolf neckerchiefs the next week when Santa came to our pack night and handed out pinewood derby car kits to all the boys.